• My job
  • Torte, cupcakes e lolllipops

My cakes

  • Layers

    7 veli: chocolate and crunchy
  • Artistic cakes

    Ispired by the pastry stars
  • Shortcrust cakes

    Ganache, stuffed, marmelade, custard.....
  • "free" cakes

    intolleraces, vegan diet
  • Classic cakes

    The most famous cakes
  • Elegant

    Belle da mangiare
  • Cake design

  • Fruit based

    Bavarese and fruit gelatines
  • Cheesecakes

    Fruit or chocolate?


Top requests

  • Brownies

    Dark, white, hazelnuts, coffee-flavored...
  • Lollipops

    your color(s), theme(s), flavor(s)...
  • Macarons

    From France, with LOVE
  • American Cookies

    Cranberries, chocolate, m&m's, peanuts..
  • Truffles

    Chocolate in one bite!
  • Cupcakes

    Vanilla, chocolate, raspberries?